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Jacob Weeter
1793 - 1879

Jacob was the 1st of 11 children known to have been born to our
earliest known ancestors Peter Weeter and his wife Catharine (Ober/Over)

Born 1793 * Burks (sic) County (Pennsylvania)
Died 12/17/1879 Licking Township, Clarion County (Pennsylvania)
Buried Unknown
Married Christina Jane “Jennie” Christman   (Crispan, Crisban)
Born 4/2/1805 Kittanning (Pennsylvania)
Died 4/25/1892 Clarion County (Pennsylvania) 
Buried 4/25/1892 Callensburg, Clarion County (Pennsylvania) 
{cause of death dropsy incident to age}
Jacob and Christina had Nine children
JOHN C. 1822 - 1889
Catharine  1828 - 1910
PETER 1830 - 1896
FREDERICK G. 1833 - 1909
GEORGE 1834 - unknown
Christina Jane  1836 - 1897
ZACHARIAH 1839 - 1914
HENRY 1845 - unknown
JOSEPH ca. 1848 – 1850/1860

There remains some confusion as to “where” Jacob (1793 – 1879) was born.

Information contained on the 1909 Pennsylvania death certificate of Jacob’s son Frederick G. Weeter (1833 – 1909) states that the decedent’s father Jacob was born in BURKS (sic) County, PENNSYLVANIA. This misspelling of the county name most likely refers to BERKS (or less likely Bucks) County – both eastern Pennsylvania counties. The person who provided the “BURKS” County entry on Frederick G. Weeter’s 1909 death certificate was Frederick G.’s son Elmer E. Weeter i.e. a grandson to Jacob Weeter. In the author’s opinion, the direct son - father relationship between the person providing the information (son Elmer E.) and the decedent (father Frederick G.) lends considerable credence to the validity of the entry “BURKS” as to Jacob’s place of birth. Disappointingly, the Pennsylvania death certificates of Frederick G.’s siblings (i.e. Christina d. 1897; Catharine d. 1910; and Zachariah d. 1914) simply list their father Jacob’s “place of birth” as “Pennsylvania” – no county given.

According to the 1900 U.S. Census report enumerating Jacob’s son Zachariah (1839 – 1914), Zachariah reported that both of his parents (i.e. Jacob and Christena Jane (Christman) were born in MARYLAND. In the early years of our country, parts of what is today southern Pennsylvania were indeed laid claim to by both Maryland and Virginia. This census report “adds” a bit more confusion to the matter.

Establishing Jacob’s place of birth would provide an important “clue” in establishing “where” Jacob’s father Peter Weeter lived before 20 March 1790. Peter – our earliest known Weeter ancestor – is known to have arrived in Peters Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania in March 1790 when Peter was about 30 years of age. Where Peter Weeter lived for the first 30 years of his life (ca. 1757 – 1790) remains a family history research “mystery”.

This is where we will put more information as it becomes available.

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