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Fredrick G. Weeter

Born: Sept 15, 1833
Died:  Dec 1, 1909

1.4 FREDERICK G. Weeter 
b. 1833 (15 September) Armstrong Co, PA
d. 1909 (1 December) Clarion Co, PA
mar.  Margaret (Maggie) Bartlett  5/11/1865
b. 1839 (20 August)
d. 1881 (28 November) 
bur. Presbyterian cemetery, Callensburg (Pennsylvania)
mar. Sarah  McCandless  mar. 1889 (1900 census m.11yrs)
b. 1862 (May)
d. 1924? Sarah J in Concord Cemetery
1.4A JaneJennieElmira Weeter
mar. Adam Wentling [1] 1886 (10 November)
b. 1870 (March 12)  
d. 1936 (Dec 26) bur. St Paul Union Cemetery
mar. Caroline "Carrie" Snyder (Carry) 1889 (16 ?23 October)
b. 1869 (Jan 4) Forest Co, PA
d. 1960 (17 March) bur. St Paul Union Cemetery
b. 1890 (Aug 19) Clarion Co, PA
d. 1968 (May 6) Clarion Co, PA
1.4B2 HARRY OWEN Weeter
b. 1892 (Mar 2) Clarion Co, PA
d. 1968 (May 5) Butler, PA
mar.  Margaret J. Snow 
b. 1897 (June 6)
d. 1974 (Jan 5) Butler, PA
bur. Butler, PA
1.4B2a Clifford Earl Weeter
b. 1916 (Apr 21) Butler, PA
d. 1981 (Sept 2) Pray, MT
mar.  Eleanor "Jean" Allen  
b. Oct 6, 1915  Natrona Heights, PA
d. Mar 30, 2001 Worland, WY
1.4B2a-1  Bruce Allen Weeter
b. March 3, 1943 Wilkinsburg, PA
mar. Diane Duval (Dv)
mar. Georgia Gail Neal 3/15/1997
        b.Mar 28, 1967 Rawlins, WY
Deborah Susan (Fitzgerald)
    b.Mar 27, 1965 Fort Collins, CO
Kaaren Ann (Ross)
    b. Dec 12, 1967 Fort Collins, CO
Stacy Jo Weeter (Jarvis)
    b. June 28, 1973 Bozeman, MT
1.4B2a-2  Douglas Owen Weeter
b. 1944 (July 22) Wilkinsburg, PA
mar. Linda Gay Brown  1/21/1984
        b. Dec 26 1952 Chambersburg, PA
Clifford Edward Weeter
      b. Jan 14, 1987 Savannah, GA
Melissa Amber Weeter
      b. Feb 14. 1989 Savannah, GA
Census & Maps lists our family name as Weter (1840), Weiter (1860), Wetter (1870), Weter (1880)
(A lot of the early census takers and some of our early family were literacy challenged.)
[1] Son of Phillip and Annie Wentling
[2] Known to his friends as “Burly” – most likely because of his strong built/stature. 
Bruce and Doug Weeter (great grandchildren of Elmer “Burly” Ellsworth Weeter) have a picture
 of Elmer Ellsworth Weeter as well as a picture of their grandfather Harry Owen Weeter. 
Harry Owen and his wife Margaret had a son Clifford – the father of Bruce and Doug Weeter. 
The Bruce and Doug have pieced together a very interesting history of their Weeter line 
Ref: http://weeter.net/history/history.html

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